• When the Time Comes to Use a Construction Attorney

    In the highly developed United States, there is a constant need to construct new houses, schools, shopping malls, banks, offices, and libraries, and more beyond that. But these buildings do not come out of nowhere; many construction firms across the country are hard at work to build anything from a small suburban home all the way to a skyscraper, and for a project of any size, there must be professional and effective cooperation and coordination between construction crews during a project. This involves a lot of paperwork that is based on promised payments (invoices), a schedule for the project, and more such as complying with safety and construction regulations and law, and liability for injured workers or damaged equipment. The average construction worker is bound to the signed paperwork, while attorneys for construction crews will write, examine, and enforce this paperwork to ensure that all professionals involved in a project act as they should. A construction attorney is no ordina Continue Reading

  • Five Things Construction Attorneys Have to Master

    Attorneys are some of the most valuable members of a construction industry team. In the world of construction and contracting, there are a lot of complicated moving pieces that need to be kept track of. Here are just a few of the areas where builders and contractors need attorneys to help ensure a smooth construction process:

    Employment Law

    One important aspect of commercial real estate law is employment contracts, regulations, and codes. From April 2006 to January 2011, the construction industry suffered a downturn and was forced to eliminate more than 40% of the workforce. While this kind of a move can bring savings, it can also bring some serious headaches if everything is not done exactly according to the law and according to all regulations and contracts.

    Insurance Issues

    Attorneys for construction company must also be experts in all the different issues that migh Continue Reading