• Do You Need To Apply For Interstate Custody Disputes? Consider Talking To A Lawyer First

    Getting divorced is a process that never seems to stop spinning. If it’s not one thing tripping you up legally, it’s always another.

    Family members who haven’t decided on who gets what. Child custody hearings that keep getting pushed back to later dates. When you’re just trying to move on with your life, every new blow feels worse than the one before. A divorce attorney at your local law firm, however, can help weather some of these blows with you. Able to provide you a nuanced perspective on the legal landscape, they’re more than able to get those divorce papers out of the way for good.

    What are the rates of divorce in the country? Which attorney can handle interstate custody disputes? Look at some of the most commonly asked questions below.

    Why Isn’t Marriage As Common As It Used To Be?

    You may have noticed fewer and fewer people tying the knot these days. This is thanks to a variety of socioeconomic factors that have shifted over the pa Continue Reading

  • How to Deal with Divorce Forms

    Galveston lawyers

    If you are going through a divorce, you are probably having a hard time going through all of the proceedings. It’s going to be time for you to now get yourself a divorce attorney and file divorce forms. There isn’t much time to waste, no matter how devastated you feel about this divorce process. If you have kids, you are also going to have to deal with mediation for child custody. The entire pro Continue Reading

  • Family Law When Should You Hire Child Custody Lawyers?

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    There is perhaps no area of the law more contentious than child custody law. The stakes are implicitly high, with the well being of children on the line. And since most child custody cases occur amidst the backdrop of a painful divorce, these family law cases can quickly become intense affairs.
    While some people hire divorce lawyers with extensive experience with child custody cases, not all divorces are contested. Sometimes custody issues arise after the fact, and in other cases they occur outside of marriage altogether. So how do you know when you need to hire an attorney for child custody, and how can you ensure you get the best representation available to you?

    Think of the Children…

    Ultimately, when spouses try and use a child custody case to settle scores, the kids lose, every time. < Continue Reading