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    What is Legislative Intent
    Legislative intent is an interpretation of the law when the statutes in place are ambiguous in regards to a particular matter. For over one hundred years, state courts have been using legislative intent as evidence when interpreting state law. When a statute has multiple interpretations legislative intent is derived from additional sources.

    What is Legislative History
    Legislative history are documents that are produced during the process of a bill being debated by Congress. These documents are often used by attorneys to clear up ambiguous language and to prove legislative intent. These documents Continue Reading

  • Arizona Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill

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    Last month, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a controversial bill that would have created a legal statute allowing business the ability to deny service to any person or persons in the LGBT community on religious grounds.

    Before making it to her desk, the bill had passed through Arizona’s legislature with a 33 to 27 vote. After meeting loud opposition from both athletic and corporate organizations like the MLB, and Delta Air Lines, business leaders said that this legal statute would not only cause extensive damage to the state’s reputation, but also be catastrophic financially. During a press conference, the governor said that she did the right thing vetoing the bill, since it would legalize discrimination.

    A Public Policy Polling poll found that only 22%, which is one in five Arizonans, actua Continue Reading