Car Accidents In America And Around The World

Car crashes are all too prevalent in the United States, with as many as five and a half million occurring in just one year. In these car accidents, as many as, if not more than, thirty thousand people will die by the time that each and every year draws to a close. Even more will be injured, sometimes in permanent and incredibly life changing ways.

Trucks cause a high number of car accidents, as any 18 wheeler accident lawyer can tell you. An 18 wheeler accident lawyer can help you if you are a truck driver that has gotten into a car accident, which will be particularly important if someone was seriously injured or even passed away. For the nearly four thousand truck drivers who find themselves in an accident involving another truck or a smaller car, hiring a 18 wheeler accident lawyer can be hugely important in reaching a conclusion to the incident.

There are a number of preventable causes for car and other such motor vehicle accidents here in the United States, after all of which a truck driver should consult with an 18 wheeler accident lawyer or even a semi truck accident lawyer or car accident attorney. Distracted driving is a huge cause of car accidents, and it can happen to truck drivers (who will need to hire an 18 wheeler accident lawyer) or normal car drivers (who will most likely be better off hiring a normal car accident lawyer). Distracted driving is driving while distracted by something else, most typically an electronic object such as a cell phone. It can be incredibly dangerous, as you can, if you are going fifty five miles per hour or more, cross the entire length of the football field even if you just look down for a mere five seconds. In that span of time and that distance, nearly anything at all can happen. On an annual basis, more than three thousand people will be killed in such an accident that has been caused by distracted driving, and more than four hundred thousand people will be injured. If you have been involved in such an accident, hiring a 18 wheeler accident lawyer or other such car accident attorney to handle a wrongful death settlement will be a crucial next step to take.

Drunk driving is another incredibly common cause of car and truck accidents in the United States, particularly ones that result in tragic injuries or loss of life, as drunk and intoxicated driving accounts for more than thirty percent (thirty two percent, to be more exact) of all car and other such motor vehicle accidents here in the United States, let alone other places all around the world. Unfortunately, drunk drivers get away with drunk driving far too frequently, with as many as three hundred thousand or more drunk drivers (or drivers who are otherwise intoxicated) taking to the road each and every day in the country of the United States alone. Unfortunately, only around four thousand or less people are actually pulled over and apprehended from driving while over the legal limit or under the influence of illegal drugs (or even just prescription or over the counter ones, depending on the type of drug, of course).

Speeding is also a problem, particularly if you are a truck driver or a driver of a larger vehicle, as you will be more likely to not see a car or even, in a worst case scenario, to tip over. Speeding causes around thirty one percent of all fatal car accidents in the United States, and it is an easily preventable thing, as any 18 wheeler accident lawyer can attest to. Some truck accidents that lead to fatalities are difficult to prevent – such as the eleven percent of those fatal car accidents that are caused by the weather – but many can easily be eliminated, as can the total number of injuries and the loss of life that results from them.

Be it speeding, drunk driving, or distracted driving, getting on the road can be dangerous. If you have been involved in a truck accident, hiring a 18 wheeler accident lawyer can help you to navigate the often unfamiliar legal world.

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