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Cheers to year two. When most people your age talk about saying yes, they are often talking about the final selection of dress for an upcoming wedding. In your case, saying yes is your commitment to a second year of what looked like a very big unknown.

You made the decision to take on chance on your potential and choose a life that would allow you focus on your young daughter and a new career. The initial step to choose a divorce lawyer provided the guidance you needed for family law issues that would have otherwise been very confusing. Deciding on a sales job with flexible hours is a far cry from being a full time classroom teacher, but at the time you knew that you were making the one decisions that would put you and your daughter first.

Many Big Decisions Involve Family Law Issues That Require Help from Exoperinced Family Law Attorneys
Nearly two year ago you were called into the office for a conversation with its school district leaders for a meeting of reprimand because you chose your mental wellness over a Friday in the classroom. When you took the day off you were at your lowest. And though your part time gig had purchased a round trip ticket to a rewards sales convention you did not plan on using them. It certainly did not seem like the practical thing to do. You were overwhelmed. You were depressed. You were tired of being tired and you finally visited a doctor. The diagnosis was frustrating and you were afraid of going on medication. The mood changing medication that was prescribed just seemed inauthentic to you. When you basically refused the medicine, the physician asked if you could take a few days for yourself. Instead of answering you started bawling.

You had plane tickets for the very next day, but knew you could not use them. You had maxed out your personal days treating your parents to an international trip you had earned earlier in the year. And you had already used your no pay days for a sales training course.

You could not afford to take less pay.

You could not take the pressure.

You could not take the medication.

You could not afford your life on your teacher salary.

So you took a mental health day and went on the all expense paid trip.

And then you were called in for breaking policy. The administrators were not wrong. Mental health is not an option for illness days, unless you are admitted for hospital care. You knew, however, that you are at your breaking point; so you asked relatives for help with childcare for your daughter and took your chances.

Your chances landed you in trouble.

At the meeting the district administrators said you would have to make a choice between your side sales gig and or your teaching job. You chose the the road less traveled.

Two years to the day you are glad you said yes to yourself. Finding the best mental health solution is not always easy, and traditional options do not always work, but for you this new life is a success. You spend more time with your daughter; you still substitute teach in a number of districts; and you still have confidence that a commissioned sales job is the right choice for you.

You also still have confidence in the decisions you made involving family law issues, including joint custody of your daughter. Few of these decisions have been easy, but the family law issues were easier to navigate with help from the divorce lawyers you hired.
Unfortunately, only 29% of custody cases reach a decision without any third party involvement. And while there are another 5% of custody cases where the issue was resolved after a custody evaluation, there are many battles that are far more difficult.
Life is not always easy and there are many times when the challenges marriage and parenting require are difficult to navigate on your own. Whether you are looking at career decisions that will effect your ability to provide for your children and maintain custody or you are facing a more simple no contest divorce, it is always important to get the most experienced legal advice you can afford.

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