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Are You a Victim of Medical Malpractice? Contact a Malpractice Lawyer!


Every year, many people are caught in accidents of some kind. Some cause injury, while others can be fatal. For accidents, it?s important to remember that there are legal resources, like law firms, available to help navigate through such accidents that result from medical malpractice or workplace injuries.

In terms of medical malpractice accidents, the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that nearly 225,000 people die annually. Some studies, like a 2006 analysis of 1,452 random malpractice cases that the New England Journal of Medicine carried out, reported that a whopping 97% of the cases involved some sort of medical injury, and nearly 66% was the result of a healthcare professional?s mistake.

Medical malpractice is also pretty big when it comes to birth. Every birth carries its share of risks, but it?s estimated that nearly 50% of birth injuries are avoidable if the proper planning and check-ups are carried to to access and potential risk factors. Sometimes these preventative steps aren?t taken, resulting in birth injuries.

There are also many people who suffer from workplace injuries each year. In 2013 alone, over three million people reported a workplace injury of some kind. The most common forms of workplace injury include falls, slips, and trips. They?re so common that, in 2013, they accounted for 229,190 of the reported workplace injuries. Many of these accidents are entitled to workers compensations, which is why it would be a great idea to seek the aid of an attorney to help navigate through the process of obtaining workers compensation.

Then there are the more fatal accidents, like road crashes. Car accidents claims the lives of close to 1.3 million lives each year. That?s about 3,287 death each and every day! Of that 1.3 million, 37,000 are Americans. About half of those accidents involve young adults between the ages of 15 and 44.

Whatever kind of accident it is, be it medical malpractice, workplace injury, or even a fatal accident, there are lawyers standing by to help.

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