A Workplace Injury Could Happen to Anyone, Even You

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Why might you need a workers compensation lawyer? The potential reasons are numerous. The benefits of workers compensation are clear; they cover 100% of the cost of medical treatments for injured workers. It also helps cover the cost of lost work time if employees are out for longer than several days. Salaries typically account for about 70% of workers compensation, and 30% covers benefits.

Like it Or Not, a Workers Compensation Lawyer is Often Necessary

Although most people may not like the idea of hiring workers compensation attorneys — especially when it is a situation with a company they would like to continue working at — the reality is, is that it is often a necessary move. Employers are looking to keep costs low — as are their insurers. Especially if you work for a large corporation with numerous levels of management, it can be tough to get the personalized care you need during your time out of work.

You Can Have Workers Compensation or a Settlement But You Can?t Have Both

One important thing to keep in mind if you are dealing with a workplace related injury is that a workers compensation claim negates your ability to bring a lawsuit. If you believe your employer was negligent, for example, and suspect you may have injury-related problems for a long time to come, consider this carefully. Once you accept workers compensation you are legally saying that you waive your right to contest with a lawsuit and subsequently receive a settlement.

There is no right answer here; the way forward will depend on your specific case and more. A workers compensation law firm can advise you further on the specifics of what to expect depending on what you do, and they can help you move forward whether it?s petitioning for compensation or filing a lawsuit.

It Could Happen to You, Too

It?s easy to believe that a workplace injury will never happen to you, but statistics indicate that it?s highly probable for most people. The average American misses nearly 10 days of work due to occupational injuries. And Private industry employers report about 3 million cases of workplace injuries — of varying seriousness — every single year. Understanding your rights is important, in case you ever experience something like a slip and fall or an ankle sprain due to the demands of your job.

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