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A Few Short and Simple Tips on Finding a Great Attorney


Finding a good attorney when you need one is something that can seem a lot more stressful than it should be, simply because you’re dealing with so much stuff all at once. Whether you need some legal protection after a bad car accident or you’re just trying to get a real estate transaction processed and approved, it’s important to find the best lawyer possible so that you can get the legal assistance you need.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best tips on how to find an attorney:

  1. Ask around for recommendations. Friends, coworkers, and neighbors may have good suggestions for lawyers to check out (and lawyers to avoid). Asking for recommendations is a great way to get an honest opinion on a lawyer’s expertise.

  2. Check out online reviews. Whether you’re checking out a lawyer’s website or you’re looking at an unaffiliated site where customers can leave reviews, this is another good way to find out more about the services a law firm will provide.

  3. Ask for a consultation. Any good attorney will provide a free consultation to potential clients; this is to find out if your case is something the firm can handle, and also for you to decide if you want to work with the group. This is a common practice in the legal industry, so don’t hesitate to ask for a consultation if it isn’t offered!

  4. Look for the lawyers you don’t see or hear about in ads. You probably already know the names of a few law firms in your area simply because you’ve seen their billboard ads or heard their radio ads dozens of times. But keep in mind that there are plenty of great attorneys who don’t want to waste money on advertising — and these lawyers might just be a better fit for your case than the high-profile law firms.

Remember, with a little bit of patience and organization, you can definitely find a great legal expert for your own case!

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