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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Attorney To Help With Your DUI Charge

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Talking to a police officer after getting pulled over is never the way you want to spend your time; it gets even worse when you’re charged with Driving Under the Influence, or Driving While Intoxicated. It’s quite possible, however, that you can avoid a conviction or at the very least harsh penalties. But if you want to do so, you’ll need the best criminal defense attorney possible. The facts surrounding DUIs are more surprising than you’d think.

1. A DUI Charge Does Not Necessarily Equal A Conviction

Though many assume that a DUI charge basically equals a conviction, that’s not necessarily the case. The best criminal defense attorney will most likely have a shot at making sure that you’re not convicted of a DUI. For example, if an officer pulled you over without probable cause and does not have evidence of probable cause, you may be able to have your case thrown out. In fact, even if you submitted to a blood alcohol content test, you may be able to challenge the results. Incorrectly administered blood, breathalyzer, or urine tests can be deemed inadmissible as evidence … but you need a good criminal DUI attorney to help you with this process.

2. You May Not Even Know Your Area’s DUI Laws

Some DUI charges could have been avoided if people were more aware of their local laws. You may not have meant to drive recklessly, and the best criminal defense attorney will help you make this clear to a judge. For example, in Ohio the Blood Alcohol Content limit is .02, not .08 if you’re under 21.

3. Finding A Good Lawyer Means You Have Access To More Evidence

Facing a DUI charge alone means that you’re an individual unfamiliar with the legal process up against a judge. Hiring a good lawyer from a criminal defense firm means that they … and by extension, you … will have access to everything from videos, witnesses, and breathalyzer tests. A criminal defense attorney will be able to analyze this evidence and use it to help your case.

4. The Best DUI Attorney Can Prevent Extremely Harsh Penalties

Even if you do end up being convicted of a DUI, you may be able to avoid harsh penalties with the help of a defense attorney. In Ohio, a DUI conviction can result in a license suspension lasting from six months to three years. The first DUI offense alone in Ohio requires $450 license reinstatement fee. A DUI conviction can affect everything from your employment prospects to your ability to take out loans. At the end of the day, as soon as you’ve been charged you should hire a great criminal defense attorney … for your own good!

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