4 Important Reasons to Contact a Distracted Driving Lawyer

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An unfortunate aspect of driving an automobile is suffering from a motor vehicle accident. In fact, statistics gathered from 2015 found that nearly 70,000 people in the United States were injured from the result of automobile collisions. Considering that, many automobile crashes are the result of a distracted driver. It’s important to contact a distracted driving accident lawyer in the event that you’ve been hurt by a reckless driver. With that in mind, here are four common causes of distracted driving accidents.

  1. Using Electronic Devices

    As mobile technology continues to evolve, it can, unfortunately, become a major distraction for certain drivers. Many people attempt to operate cell phones while behind the wheel of an automobile. Unfortunately, the use of electronic devices while on the road is a major contributor to automobile accidents. There is no excuse for operating an electronic device in a careless manner while driving. An accident law firm can help evaluate your claim in an attempt to help you receive the compensation you deserve.
  2. Eating or Drinking While Driving

    Many fast food locations offer quick meals for those who are in a hurry. Unfortunately, certain drivers find themselves distracted from taking a quick bite or drink while operating a motor vehicle. Looking away from the road for even a moment can sometimes lead to catastrophic results. In fact, statistics show that 35% of spinal cord injuries take place due to automobile and motorcycle accidents.
  3. Under the Influence of Drugs

    Accident law firms are often involved in cases where a distracted driver was under the influence of drugs. There are many types of drugs that can severely impair a driver’s ability to effectively operating a vehicle. In fact, statistics gathered from the United States Department of Justice found that 52% of cases taken on by personal injury law firms involve motor vehicle accidents.
  4. Distractions From Other Passengers

    Certain cases that distracted driving accident attorneys take on involve those stemming from other passengers. It is the responsibility of a driver to avoid distractions involving other vehicle occupants. Unfortunately, certain situations can cause a driver to stop paying attention to the road which leads to automobile accidents.

In summary, there are several common reasons a driver can become distracted while operating a motor vehicle. You’ll want to seek out an accident law firm in the event that you’ve suffered injuries as the result of being hit by a distracted driver. It’s important to let an accident law firm know the exact details surrounding your potential personal injury claim. Mobile phones have made it easier for people to be easily accessible. Unfortunately, certain drivers can’t resist the distraction of using their cell phones while driving. Another common distraction drivers face is eating or drinking while operating a motor vehicle. It’s also common for drivers to be far too impaired by drugs to safely drive. Lastly, distraction can also come in the form of having loud or unruly passengers within a vehicle.

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