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3 Times When You Need to Seek Advice on Legal Issues with Police

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The police are supposed to protect the people of the United States, but occasionally some officers won’t uphold the law. Incidences of police brutality, false accusations of a crime, physical bullying, and even wrongful imprisonment have all appeared in the news in the past year or two. However, many people believe that they can’t find back against police, but thankfully, there are resources that can help people who have dealt with these issues.

What types of issues involving police could necessitate the advice of an attorney? Here are three situations that, if they’ve happened to you, should push you to contact a lawyer:

    1. If you’ve been injured by police: One of the topics regularly making the news is police brutality, which is a form of police misconduct. If you’ve had legal issues with police that led to an injury, then you may need to work with a police brutality lawyer or civil rights lawyer to figure out how you can see justice. And keep in mind, too, that even if you’ve been arrested, you should not have encountered officers using brute force, especially if you were unarmed and not fighting back.

    2. If you’ve been a victim of other police misconduct: Most people are unaware that physical altercations aren’t the only kind of police misconduct these days. This type of misconduct can also extend to other circumstances, even if there was no physical contact between you and an officer. Verbal intimidation, harassment, false accusations, and even physical intimidation without contact all qualify as misconduct. Ask a lawyer about your situation, and make sure that the interaction with officers has been documented.

    3. If you’ve been arrested: Just because you may have been charged with an offense doesn’t mean that you have no rights. If you’ve had any legal issues while in police custody, including being wrongly accused of a crime or harassed in any way, then you have the right to legal defense with a criminal attorney. Make sure to find adequate legal representation as soon as possible.

The above situations aren’t meant to provide legal advice but to give examples of general scenarios that may involve police. If you’ve had any legal issues or have been charged with a crime, make sure to speak with an attorney about what you need to do. The legal system in the United States can be daunting to some, but it is possible to navigate the courts with the help of an experienced attorney. If you have general questions, leave a comment below; otherwise, make sure you speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

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