• If Injuried While on a Vessel, it is Essential to get an Experienced Martime Injury Lawyer

    There are a wide range of industries that depend on ports and vessels to transport goods, services, and people. These industries include travel, transportation of goods, and services that happen on, in, or over the water.

    Any industry that involves activity on or near a boat can lead to injuries on or around the boat. This may include something as simple as a tourist falling and getting hurt on a cruise ship to a dock hand getting injured while loading a shipment onto a freighter.

    When injured on a vessel, it is important to seek out the services of a maritime injury lawyer. Depending on where the vessel was at the time of the injury, the laws that apply to the injury and the type of compensation the individual deserves may vary.

    Additionally, the severity of the injury and how it happened can make getting compensation complicated. A maritime injury lawyer will be familiar with the legal factors impacting the case and will be able to provide the best possible service. Continue Reading

  • Here are 3 Services that Family Law Attorneys Can Provide During a Divorce

    Divorce is on the rise across the United States. It’s estimated that 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States will eventually get a divorce, and more than 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years. If it does come to a divorce, then you will likely be seeking the services of a family law attorney at their law office at some point in the process. Family law attorneys can provide several valuable services during a divorce and this article will take a look at a few of them.

    • Can Help Settle the Question of Child Custody During a Divorce: One service that family law attorneys can provide is serving as a child custody lawyer during the divorce proceedings. If a marriage has produced children, a divorce will inevitably involve the question of which parent will receive primary custody once the divorce is finalized. A family law attorney can work during this process on behalf of Continue Reading
  • What to Do During Divorce

    Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in the entire world, and traditionally, it is designed to unite a man and woman into a single household that can bear children. This is true today, and marriage has been expanded in some parts of the world to include same-sex households who typically adopt children. Divorce, meanwhile, is the legal end to a marriage, and in the United States today, the divorce rate is close to 50%. Many different reasons may cause a divorce, and during this proceeding, one or both spouses may look for legal assistance such as divorce lawyers who help them file divorce forms, as well as child custody lawyers if need be. Messy divorces may call for these lawyers, though others are more minor and may only call for arbitrators or counselors to help smooth out the process. Some high-end professionals may face divorce due to their demanding jobs interfering with the marriage, such as in the case of divorce for physicians or other doctors. Divorces for physicians may Continue Reading