• When to File A Claim With a Workers Compensation Law Firm


    Work is a common part of most people?s day. It is what we wake up to do, and what we spend many hours of our week doing. Work is a necessary part out life, ensuring that we are able to afford all of the things that we need, such as shelter, food and clothing. It also allows us to spend on things we want, such as entertainment costs and personal items. What happens, then, when you are injured at work, the place that is supposed to provide you with all of these necessities of life? How are you able to pay for your medical bills as a result of the injury, and how will you pay for the everyday things you need, when you are no longer able to work?

    Workers reported 3,007,300 occupational illnesses and injuries in 2013. Some of these workers may have been covered under unions or workers compensation laws. However, even Continue Reading