• Insightful Tips on How to Handle International Child Custody Issues

    Has your partner taken your child out of the country against your will? Do you intend to get a child custody order for visitation and custody specifics? If so, then you need to understand how child custody statutes and laws work in protecting your child in case of international custody disputes between you and your or partner.

    This post presents to you crucial tips about the steps you can take and the things that you can do to get your child back in case of a dispute.

    Here are the essential initial steps to consider if you find yourself in an international child custody dispute.

    Try to Read and Understand the Hague Convention’s Sections on Child Abduction

    The Hague Convention has sections that highlight civil aspects of child abduction matters and international custody disputes. The treaty protects all children who are victims of international abductions. The international agreement works in nations, which are signatories to the convention. The Continue Reading