• How to Understand Personal Injury Settlement Time Frame

    Memphis car accident lawyer

    Nearly every two minutes, someone somewhere is injured while being involved in a drunk driving crash. This includes either the person who is doing the drunk driving or the person who is hit by the drunk driver. That means that you should definitely be insured while driving and also that you should have knowledge of what to do when you get hurt if you are involved in a collision. The personal injury settlement time frame is not an easy process. You will already be stressed and possibly hurt and you do not want it to be a more difficult process than it needs to be. Finding the right types of lawyers is not easy especially if you have no idea what lawyers do, like most people do. Here are some things that you should know about the personal injury settlement time frame and what you should do when faced Continue Reading

  • The Right Lawyer Makes For Peace of Mind

    Memphis truck accident lawyer

    Every day in America, people head out on the roads to travel to some kind of destination. People take their cars, trucks, and motorcycles, never planning on the possibility that they might be involved in an accident. In 2013, 21,132 people lost their lives in traffic accidents of some kind, and roughly 2.05 million passengers were injured. These statistics show that no one is immune. Everyone can be a victim of a traffic accident.

    There are many reasons that people get involved in a traffic accident. They are either distracted in some way, drunk or under the influence of a drug, or their speed is excessive. Obviously, not everyone is the victim; there is a cause for every effect. Sometimes the one who causes the accident is clearly identified straight away. Sometimes it’s not so easy to sort o Continue Reading