• Writing a Will Doesn’t Need to Be Intimidating!

    About 64% of American adults don’t have a will. Writing a will is not reserved for just the wealthy or elderly. A will is a fairly simple document that expresses your wishes after you have passed. An understanding of business law is not required either, although will lawyer can be of some help.

    The general advice is that adults over the age of 40 should take the time to write one up. How does a person create a valid will? There are some limits concerning the validity of a will and what a will can dictate. Here is are a few simple guidelines for both.

    What Business Law Requires For a Will.

    Some people are surprised when they learn what is required to make a will valid. For example, a will can be handwritten, although it is not the preferred method. However, a will that was once stapled and then had the staple removed is considered invalid, due to the risk of a page being removed. What else is required for a will?

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