• Hit by a Texting Driver? Three Things You Should Know

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    This March, New Mexico became the 42nd state to approve and enact a ban against texting while driving. The law will go into effect on July 1, and it has receive bipartisan support.

    Lawmakers around the country are ready to crack down on texting while driving, considering that it makes people an incredible 23 times more likely to crash, and, during the time it takes to answer a text, the average driver will take their eyes off the road for a space the length of a football field. Frightenly, 55% of young drivers still claim it’s “easy” to text while driving.

    If you are hit by a texting driver, it’s possible that both you and your car have suffered injuries and damages that could easily cost you thousands of dollars — money you might not easily have access to. If you aren’t getting the funds Continue Reading