• Go For Broke the Right Way Why Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer is So Important

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    The saying go or going for broke usually means a last ditch, all-out effort to accomplish something important. This is typically applied to a major sporting event, such as a championship game, the last night of a big play or show, or even when someone finally works up the nerve to ask their crush out on a date. Rarely, however, is this applied to filing for bankruptcy.

    In fact, filing for bankruptcy has such a deep rooted stigma attached to it that many people choose not to disclose whether they are or have filed for bankruptcy in the past. Unfortunately, the stigmas and negative associations linked to bankruptcy are based on fear and do not paint an accurate picture of why people choose to file or what the filing process is actually life. In fact, the majority of bankruptcy filers Continue Reading

  • Tips for Finding a Reputable Attorney Who Can Meet Your Needs

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    Whether you’re in the process of filing for divorce, bankruptcy, filing a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, or suing for defamation of character, legal matters can be both intimidating and confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with laws relating to the nature of your lawsuit.

    Regardless of the nature of your case, it’s important to find a lawyer who specific experienced related to your situation. For example, there are several areas of family law aside from divorce. If you’ve decide to move forward with your decision to divorce your spouse, it wouldn’t make sense to work with family law attorney whose specialty is paternal rights. The same principle can be applied to filing for bankruptcy, as there Continue Reading