• Attorneys How They Can Help You

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    No matter how thoroughly you plan out your life, there are some things that people just can’t foresee. Nobody thinks when they get married that they will someday be pursuing a divorce; nobody thinks that they will someday be fighting over the custody of their children; and certainly, nobody thinks that they will ever be arrested on drug charges. Nonetheless, these things do happen, and for a variety of reasons. In these cases, many people find themselves hiring lawyers. Attorneys aren’t just there to help you out of legal scrapes. They can also help people plan for their futures, and settle disputes. Many find that after using attorneys to help them through their cases, they see their lives with much more clarity. Attorneys act as a secondary, outside source with the legal knowledge and surety that you may lack. Although it is possible to navigate some of the types of cases we’ll discuss without a lawyer, it’s very ill-advised. Without a lawyer, many people find themselves in over their heads, and unable to get the outcomes they want. Let’s look at some of the different kinds of attorneys people sometimes need — often found in one firm — and how they can help you.

    Criminal Attorneys: Beyond The Headlines

    Many people who think of criminal attorneys imagine the defense attorneys of film and TV. They imagine that criminal attorneys are brought in to defend people against high-profile, serious charges — like murder, armed robbery, or whatever else you can think of. Of course, some criminal attorneys do act as defenders for those charged with high-level crimes. Other defense attorneys deal with charges that are still serious and still criminal, while at the same not being quite as alarming as a murder charge, for example. It can be very easy in this day and age for people to be given unjust drug charges. You can be charged as an accessory even if you’ve never used drugs yourself. You could be accused of dealing prescription pills because you gave a friend a painkiller once. Perhaps you did commit a crime are sorry for it — a criminal attorney can ensure that, while you are punished, you don’t spend time in jail. Without an attorney on hand, it’s easy to get “the book thrown at you” when you’re dealing with drug charges. An attorney can help the judge see you as a person rather than a charge, and this can make a big difference for your future.

    Divorce Attorneys: Understanding And Helping You

    Divorces happen more often than many of us even know. In fact, about 42% of all marriages end in divorce. Despite this, many people don’t know where to start after deciding upon a divorce. There is, unfortunately, still a bit of a stigma surrounding divorce. Divorce is never easy, even if you don’t have children. Every divorcing couple has assets to divide up, and it’s easy for this — and the legal proceedings of a divorce in general — to go wrong without an attorney on your side. It’s impossible to predict whether or not a couple will divorce, or why they’ll divorce. Though 20 to 25% of people in divorce mediation groups blame the divorce on an affair, 80% blame it on a simple deterioration in intimacy. At all ages, women initiate divorce 80% of the time. An attorney can help you think clearly at this tough time, and ensures that your interests are represented no matter how emotional the case becomes.

    Custody Lawyers: When The Fight Gets Personal

    Custody cases don’t necessarily have to do with divorce. Many people involved in custody disputes have never been married. Custody of a child is nothing you should be handling on your own. In all cases, it’s highly advisable that you have an attorney on your side. These attorneys may also be helpful should you be disputing with your former partner over child support.

    No matter why you need an attorney, don’t be ashamed. Let a lawyer help you — you’ll be glad you did.