• What You Should Know After Getting Injured in a Car Accident

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    This past Tuesday, Guerlain Chicherit attempted to break the world record for the longest car ramp jump — a world record that few are often willing to challenge. The 35 year old was successfully able to cover the 110 meter distance between the two ramps set up in Tignes, France — however, his car landed in a nosedive, then flew end over end until it finally came to a stop.

    Luckily, and seemingly beyond belief, the daredevil escaped with only minor injuries, and is now tweeting to his fans from his hospital bed. “Success is not final, failure isn’t fatal,” he said, quoting Winston Churchill. Although car accidents are not always fatal, they are, unfortunately, quite likely to result in injuries, and even a fairly minor injury can easily rack up hundreds of dollars in medical fees, considering tha Continue Reading