• Are You a Victim of Medical Malpractice? Contact a Malpractice Lawyer!


    Every year, many people are caught in accidents of some kind. Some cause injury, while others can be fatal. For accidents, it?s important to remember that there are legal resources, like law firms, available to help navigate through such accidents that result from medical malpractice or workplace injuries.

    In terms of medical malpractice accidents, the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that nearly 225,000 people die annually. Some studies, like a 2006 analysis of 1,452 random malpractice cases that the New England Journal of Medicine carried out, reported that a whopping 97% of the cases involved some sort of medical injury, and nearly 66% was the result of a healthcare professional?s mistake.

    Medical malpractice is also pretty big when it comes to birth. Every birth carries its share Continue Reading