• What to Do if Accused of a Sex Offense

    Sex crimes are very real and very serious. It would be wrong to minimize in any way how terrible sexual harassment and assault are or how commonplace they are. That being said, there is no unmitigated good in our world. Every good thing can be tinged with something bad, and the #Metoo movement is no exception. While the movement itself is important and necessary, unfortunately, there are always those willing to take advantage of a good thing to hurt others. Sometimes false accusations are made to get revenge for something else, to be vindictive or petty, to get attention, or even just for “fun.” However, false accusations can ruin a person’s life and even necessitate a criminal defense from a qualified law firm.

    How Prevalent Are False Accusations?

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to say with any certainty what the rate of false accusations is. A study done by United Educators found that in the last five years there has been an enormous increase in the number of claims of sexual Continue Reading