• When It Is Important To Hire Car Accident Lawyers

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    There are car accidents that happen every single year in the United States. These are unfortunate circumstances for anyone to find themselves. This is true for both parties involved, both the victim and the person at fault.

    Out of all car accidents that end in a fatality, stats have broken down the causes. Just about 32% of all car crash deaths come from drunk driving, 31% are the result of speeding, 16% comes from distraction and just about 11% from the weather. If you are the victim of a car accident or are at fault in a drunk driving accident then you really need to hire car accident lawyers.

    The group Mothers Against Drunk Driving, also known as MADD, works to prevent drunk driving to prevent people from suffering and needing DUI Continue Reading

  • How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You Negotiate the Process of Divorce

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    Divorce can be a traumatic life event for all connected with it, and emotions run high. Especially if children are involved, it can be difficult for both sides to reach a fair settlement. Child custody, alimony and the division of assets can be very divisive issues, and can be bitterly contested. In such a situation, a divorce lawyer can provide legal support ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned. As with other legal matters that impact personal life, such as wills and trusts, personal injury, and adopting a child, a lawyer can offer a legally sound as well as sympathetic viewpoint for people caught up in stressful situations.

    Divorce by the numbers
    Divorce is unfortunately all too common. It can be difficult enough for the couple, who have invest Continue Reading

  • The Importance Of Lawyers For Construction Companies

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    As the construction industry in Texas has recently eliminated nearly half of its workforce, the need for lawyers for construction companies has been greater than ever. Lawyers for construction companies can help to offer support to construction companies who are facing backlash from letting large numbers of employees go. Lawyers for construction companies can also help the construction companies know their legal rights as employers and how they are legally allowed to let people go as well. Lawyers for construction companies can also help these companies to understand building codes and how to best avoid violations of them as well.

    For example, builders risk coverage is an important investment for the vast majority of constr Continue Reading

  • Elder Abuse and the Importance of Consulting With an Attorney

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    Many people may not be aware of the prevalence of elder abuse within the United States. On an annual basis, over two million cases are reported. While it is important to note that these cases were, in fact, reported, there are others which unfortunately have not been. Given this, it is likely that a large percentage of elderly Americans continue to experience abuse and neglect.

    It has been estimated that many elderly Americans will experience some level of abuse during their lives. Recent figures indicate that this currently applies to one out of every ten senior citizens. While this abuse may occur at home, it is also a common occurrence in facilities that care for the elderly, such as nursing homes.

    A recent report showed that more than 90% of the individuals living in nursing homes have Continue Reading

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